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Orgonite Tree of Life Peridot Pyramid

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Create the energy of life at home

The orgonite pyramid, an outstanding piece of decoration that offer orgone effects.

This orgonite pyramid filled with a mix of rare stones has been imagined to be a vector for orgone effects. The deep beauty and complexity it reflects is immediatly eye-catching for anyone. It is excellent for the mind and spirit to stare at it for several minutes. When you get home after an exhausting day, just give it a look and it will make you feel happy and grateful.


Resin was used to hold the rare stones and decorations together. Moreover, the rare stones in the pyramid with orgone effects were not chosen randomly. Indeed, this mixture makes the orgonite pyramid a powerful orgone generator.

It is almost impossible to damage since the resin is very strong. Nevertheless, we advise you to keep your piece of art on a shelf, away from the kids or animals.

A wonder to offer for orgone effects enthusiast, but not only..

The design of this orgonite pyramid is so incredible that it can be used as a gift for anyone, litteraly. Indeed, it is a wonderful gift for someone who knows about orgone effects and Wilhelm Reich's research work. Also, for someone who does not know this phenomenon, it still is a beautiful piece of decoration.

Moreover, the orgonite pyramid is an excellent way to introduce the orgone energies that surround us to someone who doesn't know about orgone benefits.

For example, it's a great birthday gift, Christmas gift or a great idea to offer to your lover.

A perfect mix that creates the orgone benefits to make your life happier

In addition to uniquely decorating your living room, the orgonite pyramid is a powerful generator of orgone effects.

Indeed, the mix of rare stones, their well though overlays and the fact that the object is a pyramid attract the surrounding energies. Thus, the orgone generator will transform energy flows into powerful orgone benefits to improve your life and protect you from negativity.

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