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Suspender Boots For Dogs

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  • These boots provide secure paw protection and extended leg coverage. 
    They’re adjustable and connected dog boots which means you’ll never lose a boot. They’re also easy to layer with your favorite outerwear to stay clean and dry. (4 dog boots connected to each other)

    - Extended leg coverage protects against snowballs salt mud and snow
    - Water-resistant fabric
    - Non-slip rubber sole so your pup can walk confidently
    - Reflective Velcro straps for visibility on night time walks


    How to Adjust to Ensure a Correct Fit When Putting On: 

    1. Slip the dog’s head between the front boot straps and the chest strap 

    2. Slide front paws into the labelled ‘Front Right’ and ‘Front Left’ boots 

    3. Ensure rubberized non-slip grips are underneath the base of the paw 

    4. Secure by tightening the velcro straps at the paw and toggles on the leg 

    5. Slide back paws into the labelled ‘Back Right’ and ‘Back Left’ boots 

    6. Repeat Steps 3-4 for back paws and legs 

    7. Adjust straps using the sliders to ensure a secure & comfortable fit across the body 

    Shell: 96% polyester 4% spandex
    Lining: 100% polyester

    Fasten closure. Hand wash cold water. Do not bleach.
    Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Hang to dry.