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Tree of Life with Tiger Eye Orgone Pyramid - EMF Energy Chakra

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Orgonite Pyramids Filter & Balance Your Energy

The orgone pyramid is a powerful EMF absorber in the form of a pyramid. It generates orgone energy which can be felt as soft, soothing energy. The pyramid's special construction creates a strong co-resonance with the earth's natural frequency field and this enables it to store and balance large amounts of positive orgone energy.

  • Get connected with nature -  Citrine, Tiger Eye, Amber, Jade, Copper
  • Chakra Balance - Black Tourmaline with orgone energy will help balance your chakra and open your energy
  • Block EMF Radiation - Protect yourself from wifi, cellphones, routers, computers, and other electronic devices that expose cancer-causing radiation
  • Size - Width: 2.3 inches, Height: 2.5 inches

Surround your environment with positive energy and healing power. Handcrafted by local artisans ❤️